Project Aware - Shark Conservation

Help End Uncontrolled Mako Shark Fishing Now!

We are intensifying our efforts to rally our global community to influence governments for national and international protection for Mako sharks following a shift in their IUCN Red List of Threatened Species status from Vulnerable to Endangered.

We are calling for urgent action before it's too late!

With your support, we will ensure that if countries agree to control trade of both species of Mako sharks at the convention of CITES CoP18*, to be held in Geneva from 17 to 28 August, then they are duty-bound to follow through with commitments to actively reduce fishing pressure on these over fished shark species.

Our 26 Years of Impact


1 Million+


Removed 1 million+ pieces of trash (over 64% plastic) from the ocean through Dive Against Debris®



Rallied 120K+ divers to bring historic protections to 11 shark and ray species



Supported the conservation actions of  a 800K+ strong AWARE community of adventurers around the world



Adopted 300+ dive sites for citizen science, with 6K+ divers taking action in 70 countries worldwide

How we invest your donation

All of our work is made possible by generous donors like you and this is how we invest your donation

  • 32% Shark & Ray Conservation
  • 29% Marine Debris Solutions
  • 14% Ocean Protection
  • 25% Global Operations 

Giving back is important to me. Our planet provides so many endless adventures and amazing wildlife, I want to do my part and protect it. Becoming a Project AWARE Monthly Donor is an easy decision as my support fuels grassroots activities and policy change necessary to ensure a clean, healthy ocean planet.

Kimberly - USA