Spearfishing Course

Spearfishing Course

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One of the most popular specialty diving courses in Ocean One Scuba Center! 

Ocean One Scuba Center最受欢迎的专业潜水课程之一!

Description 描述

In our 1 session Spearfish Course, students will learn safe and effective ways of putting dinner on the table for you, friends, and family. We focus on safety, sustainability, and the most important-your fabulous experience in underwater.

在一节渔猎课中,学生将学习安全有效的方法为您自己和亲朋好友提供将海下鲜美的鱼摆上餐桌的机会。 我们专注于安全性,可持续性以及最重要的水下体验。

Academic 学术

Any certified diver can participate in this class. Students can choose to participate into the course via Zoom or come in to our classroom at our shop location. The Ocean One Scuba Center's instructor will go over the course material and discuss the many different types of spearfishing and gear. This is when you can purchase any gear that’s needed and we can look at your gear to make sure it is all in good working order. 

The included topics are:

  • Why Spearfish?

  • What to fish for?

  • Proper safety

  • Types of spearfishing

  • Where to find fish

  • How to assess a dive site

  • Regulations

  • Fish cleaning and prep

  • Cooking

  • Thinking like an underwater hunter

  • Choosing the proper gear

Your Ocean One Instructor will be very happy to offer advice about everything you’ll need during spearfishing.

任何有资格的潜水员都可以参加此课程。学生可以选择通过Zoom参加线上课程或在我们店面里的教室进行线下教学。 Ocean One潜水中心的教练将带您复习课程资料,并讨论许多不同类型的渔猎工具和配件。您可以在我们这里购买所需装备,同时我们也可以帮您检查您的工具以确保其工作正常。


  • 为什么去渔猎?
  • 捕什么鱼?
  • 安全妥善性
  • 渔猎的种类
  • 在哪里找到鱼
  • 如何评估潜水地点
  • 渔猎规章制度
  • 鱼的清洗和准备
  • 烹饪
  • 像水下猎人的思考方式
  • 选择合适的装备

Ocean One Scuba Center的教练及员工非常乐意为您提供任何作为渔猎专业人士所需要的建议。